Primary & Secondary Packaging



  • Primary, secondary and tertiary packaging options for beers, ciders, spirits, wine and ready-to-drink ranges.


  • Packaging solutions for still and carbonated waters, soft drinks, ready-to-drink teas and coffees, juices, sports drinks, energy drinks.


Fresh Vegetables

  • Retail packaging for the full range of fresh vegetables.

Fresh Fruit

  • Packaging solutions for apples, bananas, citrus, tropicals, stone fruit and other fresh fruits sold by retailers.

Chilled Case

  • Packaging for chilled meals/snacks, fresh pasta, chilled sauces and desserts, garlic bread, margarine, packaged small goods, solid oils and other foods found in the refrigerated section of a retail store.

Food Service Products

  • Options for prepared salads, sliced smallgoods, cheese, antipasta, sliced meats and bacon.


  • Packaging for ready to eat cereals, breakfast & cereal bars, dry noodles, dry pasta, oats, bran, rice and other grains

Fresh Fish & Meat

  • From fresh fish and seafood to raw red meats and poultry to fresh value-added meats, West Star has packaging to suit.


  • From yoghurt to milk, butter, cream and the full range of dairy products sold in supermarkets, convenience stores and other retail outlets, West Star has packaging solutions.

Dry Grocery

  • Packaging for coffee, tea, flours, sugars and other dry goods sold at retail level.

Pet Food

  • Packaging solutions for wet and dry pet foods and pet snacks and treats.


  • Bags, wrappers, packets, shipping boxes and retail-ready display boxes for confectionery.

In Store Bakery

  • Packaging supplies for in store bakery departments within supermarkets or retail bakeries. Options for sliced and loaf bread, cookies, cakes, snacks and other speciality items.


  • Packaging options for snack foods, crackers, biscuits, cookies, health snacks and nuts.

Frozen Food

  • Ice cream, frozen fruit and vegetables, frozen snacks and meals, frozen meats, soups and pastries – all need careful packaging design.

Prepared Grocery Foods

  • Packaging for prepared sauces, marinades, canned goods, oils, spreads, condiments, liquid stocks and soups and other value-added grocery items

In Store Delicatessen

  • Options for prepared salads, sliced smallgoods, cheese, antipasta, sliced meats and bacon.


Paper Products

  • Packaging for the retail sale of paper products used in the household, such as paper towel, napkins, stationery etc.

Gardening & Outdoors

  • Packaging for retail sale of products used in the garden and outside the home e.g. fertilisers, plants, car repair items & hardware.

Household Goods

  • Packaging for the retail sale of household goods such as lightbulbs, batteries, decorating items, office supplies, books etc.


  • Packaging for the retail sale of glues and other adhesive products.

Hospital Packaging

Sterilisation Packaging

  • Sterilisation pouches & reels, sterilisation wrap & adhesive tapes.

Medical Devices


  • Packaging materials for pipettes, culture tubes & flasks, dishes and plates.


  • Packaging materials for alcohol wipes and iodine pads.

Diagnostic Devices

  • Packaging materials for in vitro diagnostics.


  • Packaging materials for surgeon’s gloves and exam gloves.

Kits and Trays

  • Packaging materials for medical kits and procedure trays.


  • Packaging materials for condoms.

IV Solutions & Administration

  • Packaging materials for IV administration sets, vein access devices and solutions bag overwrap.

Cardiac devices

  • Packaging materials for cardiac catheters, guide wires, temporary pacing leads and drug coated stents.

Surgical Packs & Gowns

  • Packaging materials for surgical packs, gowns, and drapes, and film components.

Orthopedic Devices

  • Packaging materials for orthopedic implants, casting products and fixation devices.

Ophthalmic Products

  • Packaging materials for contact lenses and intraocular lenses.

Syringes and Needles

  • Packaging materials for syringes and needles.


  • Packaging materials for sutures and suture kits.

Urinary Drainage

  • Packaging materials for urinary drainage bags, specimen cups

Endoscopic Devices

  • Packaging materials for endoscopic devices.

Catheters & Tubing

  • Packaging materials for urinary catheters, suction catheters, respiratory tubes, feeding tubes, suction and drainage tubing.

Wound Care

  • Packaging for adhesive bandages, gauze dressings, synthetic dressings, impregnated dressings, surgical mesh, hemostats, skin grafts and surgical sponges.

Personal & Homecare

Baby & Adult Incontinence

  • Packaging for the retail sale of baby diapers (nappies) and adult diapers and incontinence pads.

Soap Bars

  • Retail and promotional packaging for bars of soap.

Sun Care

  • Sample & retail packaging solutions for sunscreen lotions & creams, and after-tanning treatments.

Oral Care

  • Packaging for the retail sale of toothpaste, teeth whitening strips, breath fresheners, and other dental care products.

Feminine Hygiene

  • Primary and secondary packaging for sanitary protection products.


  • Sample and retail packaging solutions for hand cleansing wipes, baby wipes, feminine wipes, incontinence wipes, sun tan wipes, deodorant wipes, etc

Paper and cotton products

  • Retail packaging for facial tissues, toilet paper, cotton balls, pads and tips.


  • Retail & sample packaging for shampoos & conditioners, hair colourants and styling aids.

Bath & Shower

  • Sample and retail packaging of bath & shower soap gels and bath additives.

Cleaning Liquids, Tablets & Powders

  • Packaging for the retail sale of detergents, bleaches, cleaning solutions, ironing aids and pre-wash agents.

Shaving Products

  • Sample & retail packaging for shaving lotions & creams, after shave products, and other shaving toiletries.


  • Sample & retail packaging solutions for colognes and fragrances.

Skin and Nail care

  • Sample and retail packaging solutions for skin and face lotions, creams and treatments, acne preparations, depilatories, foot care products, pore strips, and nail care products.


  • Sample and retail packaging solutions for colour cosmetics and make-up remover.



  • Primary and secondary packaging for nutraceutical products.

Transdermal / Transmucosal

  • Packaging for the retail sale of transdermal patches.


  • Packaging for suppositories.

Veterinary products

  • Primary and secondary packaging for final dosage form veterinary products.

Ophthalmic products

  • Primary and secondary packaging for ophthalmic products.


  • Packaging for liquid pharmaceuticals.


  • Packaging for pre-filled syringes, auto-injectors, & other injectible drugs.

Bulk Drugs & APIs

  • Packaging for Bulk Drugs & Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.


  • Primary and secondary packaging for effervescent pharmaceutical products.

Powders & Granules

  • Primary & secondary packaging for final dosage form powders & granules.


  • Packaging for pharmaceutical inhalants.

Secondary packaging

  • Overwrap and other secondary packaging for pharmaceuticals.

Oral Dissolve strips

  • Packaging for the retail sale of oral dissolve strips.

Tablets & capsules

  • Primary packaging for tablets & capsule.

Ointments, Gels & Creams

  • Packaging for topical ointments, gels and creams.

Anti-counterfeit solutions

  • Technologies and packaging to prevent the counterfeiting of pharmaceutical and medical products


Tobacco Packaging Products

  • Packaging options for cigarettes, cigars, matches and other tobacco products and accessories.

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